The Baptist Missionary And Education State Convention has only had thirteen Presidents:
Reverend I. S. Campbell, Reverend F. W. Gross, Dr. L.K. Williams, Reverend A. L. Boone, Reverend A. E. Wilson, Reverend J. R. Burdette, Dr. T. M. Chambers, Reverend Z. H. Hickerson, Dr. E. C. Estell, Reverend W. H. Dudley, Dr. C. A. W. Clark, Sr., Dr. Stephen C. Nash, Sr. and Dr. Kirthell Roberts.

Under Dr. Stephen C. Nash, Presidency for the first time in one hundred and forty –three years the Baptist Missionary And Education Convention has tenure for the first time. The Baptist Missionary And Education Constitution was voted active to govern the convention. Regional Structure (to bring the convention to the churches) with programing tailored to meet the need of the local church, and encourage local church participation in District Associations, Baptist Missionary And Education State Convention programming. During his presidency Dr. Nash enable the convention to have and working Budget and we have a Church-Help Program to assist struggling churches and pastors. We have more churches registered than we have had in the last ten to twenty years.

The Baptist Missionary and Education Convention of Texas faces the future with confidence in the future because of its faith in the capacity and the dedication of its President Dr. Stephen Nash, officers and members to the task of continuing to support Missions and education so nobly begun by the founding fathers and those who have followed in their stead.

To quote Dr. Melvin J. Banks, Former Professor Bishop College. “An institution is but the lengthened shadow of the men who lead and sustained it. The Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention of the State of Texas has been a tremendous force in the development of our great State because of the vision and dedication of the men and women who founded it. Up from slavery with little, they gave themselves away in services to their fellowmen. In days when hope unborn and died, they sustained black folk with a steady beat in a march to freedom which has brought them to the place for which their fathers signed. More, they have brought all Texans, irrespective of color, to a larger realization of the dreams of the founding fathers of one nation under God; indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

What a glorious heritage of faith and service! What a wonderful contribution to the redemption of the spirit and mind of all the people of Texas. But the task is unfinished.”